Our 3D printer has not had much use lately, due to a number of reasons; the main one being that we’ve simply been too busy with other things. However, we recently received a new sample of masking tape for the print bed, and we thought that this as good an […]

Further Adventures in 3D Printing

A circuit connecting a Raspberry Pi to an LED using a breadboard
Learning to code is an empowering experience and when we add physical computing, using components to interact with the real world, the rewards are greatly intensified. The problem is that there is rather a lot to take in, to turn on an LED with a Raspberry Pi we need to […]

GPIO Zero – Enabling anyone to hack!

A while ago, we looked at how it is possible to set up a Raspberry Pi on the cheap; i.e. without the need for lots of additional bits and pieces such as monitor, mouse, keyboard, HDMI cable, etc., etc. (see http://www.makerspace-uk.co.uk/value-for-money-raspberry-pi-setup/). As part of this set up, we looked at using […]

Remote Access to Raspberry Pi

Pymon_bb 3
Recently CPC had a great time at Makerfaire UK and we took along a few games for the public to play. One of those games was a clone of the popular 80s game SIMON.   For those a little too young to remember. SIMON was a memory game that challenged […]

Pymon – A Simon clone for the Raspberry Pi

25673997953_c7574dd994_k 1
The Astro Pi project has seen two Raspberry Pi (model B+) computers fly up to the International Space Station (ISS) with ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut Tim Peake. At the heart of the project is a board called the Sense HAT which is a scientific platform for exploration and experimentation. […]

Getting ready for take off with Astro Pi – Updated ...

PuTTY Configuration
Having had quite a lot of spare time on my hands recently, I’ve been checking out some of the recent posts in social media regarding the Raspberry Pi. One of the things I’ve noticed is a number of articles questioning whether or not the Raspberry Pi really is, as is […]

Value for Money Raspberry Pi Setup

Taking your Raspberry Pi on the road can be quite involved. Normally we need a keyboard, mouse, power and a screen. Some of these components can be easily packed ready for hacking on the move. But some, namely the power and screen, require us to compromise in some way. But […]

Portable Raspberry Pi

With the micro:bit finally making its way into our schools and nearly into the hands of young makers around the United Kingdom, we are now starting to see a few teething problems from educators.

micro:kit – A low cost breadboarding solution

Using Broadcom WiFi Adaptor as USB Hub
Having been lucky enough to get a Pi Zero when they were first released on the cover of the MagPi magazine, we’ve had plenty of time to try out a number of different things on it. During that time, one of the things that we’ve always had to consider is the […]

Raspberry Pi Zero Networking Solutions

BBC Microbit Wall
We’ve been trying to get our hands on a BBC Microbit for quite some time now; especially after seeing a whole wall of them at the recent BETT Show in London a couple of weeks back. Anyway, our good friends at Kitronik recently sent us a bundle of BBC Microbit […]

BBC Microbit